Levi's and independent music have always had a lot in common. Now, Levi's wants to help aspiring musicians everywhere get their moment in the sun with a record-breaking indie music event: THE LONGEST TRACK. 

CW: Ryan Sheehy

AD: Amy Lai

Act I - Promoting

Print and OOH posters kick off the campaign, recruiting bands and promoting the event across the United States.

Act II - Recording

Bands and musicians either upload their music to www.thelongesttrack.com or record in-store using the Levi's Sound Booth available at participating Levi's stores. Once the event begins, the track will stream live and uninterrupted, each band's submission playing seamlessly one after the other via the Soundcloud platform. The website will also display fun facts related to this record-breaking experience.

Click here to experience the website.

Act III - Record Breaking

A Limited Edition book of Longest Track Liner Notes -- complete with interesting factoids, a complete list of participants, and lyrics -- will commemorate the event at the end of the campaign. Customers can order their own or flip through a copy of a book at Levi's stores.